Rainy Days & Cigarettes Live – LEONI


Frail Rope Bridge – ADAM WEDD [performance video]

This was filmed backstage at the youth café in Sevenoaks where Adam works. Funnily enough I gave him his job there. This is one of my top two songs of his at the moment but I know he’s written two more that I haven’t heard yet.  He hasn’t released it to his fans but I thought anyone who followed me on here deserved a sneak preview.

The Art of Surprise – ADAM WEDD

A sneaky unlisted video for you. It’s one of Adam’s new songs which I filmed yesterday and uploaded today. I don’t know if he’s going to put it live on youtube but he would love feedback on it.

If anyone reposts this and would like a copy of the audio, I’m happy to send it to you. Just drop me an email at t.copeland@mail.com.

(Also, Frail Rope Bridge might be coming soon)

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash [cover by ADAM WEDD]

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash [cover by ADAM WEDD]

This is a cover of Ring of Fire by Adam Wedd. Originally by Johnny Cash. Filmed at the youth café in Sevenoaks. Adam’s going to filter through his covers to his channel, hence it’s unlisted, but I thought I would share it with you. It’s a good song, I hadn’t heard it before.