Monster Park – the thoughts behind the video

Monster Park – the video

Monster Park is about change. Understanding change and coping with change. It’s based on my experiences. It does feel awful when someone cheats on you but I wanted to show the other side. I wanted to show the pain from cheating on someone you like. This leads to regret and hurt and confusion. This side is not often explored. I used this story as an example of change and the audience gets to see how they struggle and cope with it. It’s sad but also happy.

I wanted to make the video dark and mysterious with that twinkle of light that is so present in the song. Monster park, loosely based on Motsphur Park, is a light hearted reflection on the darker side of life. The feel of the song comes from the place so the feel of the video comes from the same source as I filmed most of the cut away shots and the ending in motsphur park.

I’ve been working on this for half a year now. It has been a slow process. The storyline hasn’t changed much but the visual representation has developed quite a lot.


My first video is nearly 1300 views

My personal aim was around 700 where his other videos maxed out (except the one with ed sheeran in) and it’s fairly slowly risen above it.

Do you like the video? Watching it back there’s things I would change but I think the metaphors came across fairly well. It’s hard for me to see beause of the editing so any comments would be useful

My second ADAM WEDD music video


Finally happy with my latest edit of this video I put it up to be published. It’s a bit of a fun video but it works really well with the song. The main metaphor is from darkness to light  /  from doing nothing to doing something with your life. Near the end Adam turns around on his bike (not for the first time mind, marking a few attempts at getting on course) and the sun comes up and provides dramatic scenery. See if you can spot Adam mixing the words day and say around. Also everything was put in time to the video, not to the audio recording from my camera, which was difficult.  The car was shaking around everywhere but imovie helped in stabilising a lot of the shots. Unfortunately some of the shots were too tight to crop any further so they are a bit shaky but all in all I enjoyed filming and making this. I look forward to six months time where I can watch it as a video. (when you edit a video, it’s hard to see it as a composite whole rather than its separate parts)

Shine – Adam Wedd, Feat. Karl Nova, Zoe Wolff

This is a version of Adam’s hit song ‘Sons & Daughters’ featuring Karl Nova and Zoe Wolff.

Karl Nova has featured on Lanré’s ( song ‘running’ ( Check him out:

Zoe Wolff is a young singer songwriter: