Walking a frail rope bridge in a caf’ down Kingston

Sounds risky right? I was complaining bitterly about everything being thrown in at once and pushing for a slow build up of tempo and drama. Apparently he agreed and the resulting version of his song is below:



What’s this about? Adam Wedd is a musician who wrote a song. As you do. I filmed him performing a simple acoustic version. He then added a choir, a cello, a double bass, a vocalist…. and the song became larger but at the same time losing some of its power. So we were sitting in a cafe and I said: strip it down. He listened in his half hearted, drinking coffee kind of way. I told him to build the song up, develop it within the three minutes and keep the original hard hitting sounds of the strings at the beginning. He finished his coffee and we headed off .

Then I see a link. It’s a new version of Frail Rope Bridge. Filmed live on Eagle FM with some intro about Mandela. The song starts. At first I though acoustic but no wait, I hear some light background singing, some cello. It builds up. The momentum increases. The song explodes. I sit there afterwards, in complete silence, stunned by what I’d just heard . He actually listens .


Monster Park – the thoughts behind the video

Monster Park – the video

Monster Park is about change. Understanding change and coping with change. It’s based on my experiences. It does feel awful when someone cheats on you but I wanted to show the other side. I wanted to show the pain from cheating on someone you like. This leads to regret and hurt and confusion. This side is not often explored. I used this story as an example of change and the audience gets to see how they struggle and cope with it. It’s sad but also happy.

I wanted to make the video dark and mysterious with that twinkle of light that is so present in the song. Monster park, loosely based on Motsphur Park, is a light hearted reflection on the darker side of life. The feel of the song comes from the place so the feel of the video comes from the same source as I filmed most of the cut away shots and the ending in motsphur park.

I’ve been working on this for half a year now. It has been a slow process. The storyline hasn’t changed much but the visual representation has developed quite a lot.