YSTV ad for the Sony a7R

4 days, 3 people, 2 ideas, no camera. This was our task by Sony and this video is what we achieved on behalf of YSTV.

Everything is original. The music was created by Rob Drane. The photography is mine. The script was down to Bobby Jo.

Yes I made many errors but my photography was rusty. I was shooting in 4:3 when I thought I was shooting in 3:2. This meant every photo I took was being cropped. Should really have paid attention to the lines. Also the photo which was the elements moving is not in focus… And regarding video my camera is still shooting really dark so Tom is looking a bit creepy sitting there in the dark. Otherwise though, theres a few bits I like.

My crime documentary for my student union

I directed, filmed and edited this crime documentary. It has really useful tips of keeping yourself safe and I hope the reenactments are valuable for knowing more about crime. It can also be seen on the ystv website. If you think this would be useful to other people, please share the video.

I had almost no cast to work with and had to use the 3 crew members for most of the characters. Helen and Kenric are the muggers which would surprise you if you knew them. Also I was allowed access to the student bar but as there were people in it and I couldn’t control the lighting to make it look like a club I had to shoot it in the studio. Hope you think I succeeded.