Varsity Promo Video – Here comes YORK


Filmed in the YSTV studios in York. Varsity is a sports competition against Durham.


YSTV ad for the Sony a7R

4 days, 3 people, 2 ideas, no camera. This was our task by Sony and this video is what we achieved on behalf of YSTV.

Everything is original. The music was created by Rob Drane. The photography is mine. The script was down to Bobby Jo.

Yes I made many errors but my photography was rusty. I was shooting in 4:3 when I thought I was shooting in 3:2. This meant every photo I took was being cropped. Should really have paid attention to the lines. Also the photo which was the elements moving is not in focus… And regarding video my camera is still shooting really dark so Tom is looking a bit creepy sitting there in the dark. Otherwise though, theres a few bits I like.

My crime documentary for my student union

I directed, filmed and edited this crime documentary. It has really useful tips of keeping yourself safe and I hope the reenactments are valuable for knowing more about crime. It can also be seen on the ystv website. If you think this would be useful to other people, please share the video.

I had almost no cast to work with and had to use the 3 crew members for most of the characters. Helen and Kenric are the muggers which would surprise you if you knew them. Also I was allowed access to the student bar but as there were people in it and I couldn’t control the lighting to make it look like a club I had to shoot it in the studio. Hope you think I succeeded.

YSTV’s Children in Need – My Pudsey Clip

At York Uni, I belong to York Student Television. Every year they create a two hour long Children in Need program and broadcast it on their website This is the first year I’ve been involved and I took two tasks under my wing. I filmed an interview between Helen and the guy who runs a charity which is supported by CiN as well as this video. The purpose of this video was to show Helen and Chris in their onesies across campus. Why? Because they wore them for a whole week to raise money for CiN. (You can donate to them here: This was my first filming where I used magic lantern and the letterbox tool to create 2.35:1 widescreen. I also used Adam Wedd’s song ‘Differences we Display’ for the backing track.

Interview with SILAS

Here’s an interview with Silas, by Abbie McCarthy. Abbie is from BBC Introducing and her blog is Silas is a heavy metal band who translated their set into an acoustic version to suit the acoustic night at House in the Basement, a youth café in Sevenoaks.

Acoustic Night

Take a look at this video. Look at the talent performing at a youth café. Think how many kids would love to be there.

At the night, there were about 10 kids there.

The youth café was created purely for kids to have somewhere to go in Sevenoaks. Having one band perform there is a bonus. Having about 7 brilliant acts should fill the room with young people.

The café will get busier. This force for good in my community will not go to waste. What is needed is persistence. Let’s get the kids seeing this video online and then realising what they’re missing out on. That’s why I filmed this video.

Feel free to comment on it, anything you like, think I should improve. (I did edit it pretty quickly though, so it’s nothing special)


This was a great night with Adam playing his first sold out gig on a barge. The supporting acts were Alex Ball (singer-songwriter), Peter Bazely (comedian) and Alan Cole who performed spoken word during Adam’s set.

The night was hosted by BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy. You can follow her blog here: She will be presenting an acoustic night at House in the Basement in Sevenoaks, Kent. I will be making a video of that, and linking it here.

Adam Wedd – Backstage at BFestival, Feat. Fudge and the Frequency

Following Adam around at BFestival, I thought I’d merge this video with another band who were also playing. Their chorus ‘I’m gonna walk to the sky, with my brand new…’ got me addicted. So I threw together some of their performance alongside Adam and some backstage bits.

Check out their website:

The bassist plays a quality bassline in planet radio (it was better live than on their soundcloud though – I do have footage of it, could upload it sometime). He also used a hot hand which sounded so good. For all bass players who like a dubstep feel, get one of those.