Reading philosophy down by the lake

I went on an exploration south down the River Ouse in York. I found a space to sit to read my philosophical novel. (a break from Aristotle). Two dogs ran down the bank to where I was because I had brought some turkey with me. On the way back I brought my small camera out of my bag and took a few photos of mainly the lake but also some landscape ones.

York [DAY 13]



After trying to convince friends how wonderful it is to get up at and help out with some filming, I now realise it’s almost impossible to get someone else to help. So when I saw a little sign asking for volunteers at I thought I would prove it possible. Bacon sandwich – that helped. Did some sweeping, putting up tables and fixing up a huge banner. The organisation is called YUMI – York Unifying Multicultural Initiative. It’s about encouraging diversity, skills and volunteering. The main man is Chris. Here’s him.

York [DAY 12]



At the York Farmers Market, there is a charming lady who sells very good pottery which she makes. She’s helped me out a few times when birthdays come out of nowhere. Today I bought a large black and white mug, perfect for beer. Yesterday I found a beer and wine shop which sells loads of different beers including an imported Guiness stout. Let’s put these two together.