exclusive look at my next music video

The release date for this video is 28th June but I thought I’d share it here first.



My first music video for David Coslett – ‘Girl with no Name’


This was shot in a few days in Chichester with very little money, time and time. I was only down there a few days and the actresses were both very busy so we only had a few days to shoot. This is my first video for David Coslett, who is a musician I prefer playing live where his voice and they keyboard are the only two elements. In my opinion he needs to work on the background music if he still believes that it makes his music better. A live version of the song would have worked better for the video because the moment he says the last ‘girl with no name’ he plays a really awesome piano piece. However in the actual song it is much more muted.


In the video I wanted to get across the story of why David wrote the piece. I then had some fun with it, I tried to make the viewer believe that he had spoken to the girl when this was all in his mind. Then I wanted to represent him going into his own mind in writing the song. So, he walks out into a field where he cannot get back to reality, writes the song and starts singing it. Then I realised their was another chorus while editing so I had to add in another section about him being in the woods and she’s disappeared because he never actually spoke to her. Then he comes back to reality and is awoken by another girl. They get on and most importantly: she tells him her name. This is in sharp contrast to the rest of the song ‘the girl with no name’ but goes to show you should not fall in love with someone by the sound of her voice but by getting to know them and getting on well with them.


The song is called ‘girl with no name’, I didn’t realise when I wrote ‘the girl with no name’ in the video. But, once it’s on youtube it cannot be changed. Oops.


I’ve only done a few music video’s and when I do them I look at the clips so many times it’s hard for me to watch it for the first time, without knowing what’s coming. Because you are doing so, it would help me so much if you could tell me anything that works or doesn’t work. Negative feedback is much more useful to me because then I can develop so please do point out bits that aren’t right or simply don’t work for you.


If you got this far, well done,



My second ADAM WEDD music video


Finally happy with my latest edit of this video I put it up to be published. It’s a bit of a fun video but it works really well with the song. The main metaphor is from darkness to light  /  from doing nothing to doing something with your life. Near the end Adam turns around on his bike (not for the first time mind, marking a few attempts at getting on course) and the sun comes up and provides dramatic scenery. See if you can spot Adam mixing the words day and say around. Also everything was put in time to the video, not to the audio recording from my camera, which was difficult.  The car was shaking around everywhere but imovie helped in stabilising a lot of the shots. Unfortunately some of the shots were too tight to crop any further so they are a bit shaky but all in all I enjoyed filming and making this. I look forward to six months time where I can watch it as a video. (when you edit a video, it’s hard to see it as a composite whole rather than its separate parts)

Adam Wedd – Built to Shine

My first music video. Shot in about four hours. So far, over 1000 views on youtube and 32 likes.

It was originally going to have a third section where Adam becomes a youth worker but in the video it didn’t seem metaphorical, it looked like it was trying to be realistic which it wasn’t. Hence I removed it and made the video about him lighting the main candle alongside leaving the room. The aim of this was to show how someone can turn their life around, go from an alcoholic (and snuff taker if anyone noticed) to having a life of purpose. The snuff box in the video was made in 1771 by Abraham Tuppy. The way in which the character turned his life around was through music. I felt that music was Adam’s purpose and that he is achieving his purpose through things such as his first ep. And I showed that by having him write ‘Dear John Parker’ (John Parker is a double bassist who was half of nizlopi who sang the JCB song) and having John reply with a positive answer: ‘anything is possible in music’.

I also wanted to show Adam’s creative side by having the contrast between the old and the new which is a running theme in his songs. Hence I had both a typewriter and a computer keyboard, (I dislike always having apple products but it was what was there and I do approve of them aesthetically) a bucket of drinks and a mini fridge, a vinyl and modern speakers, and other objects such as the old style cameras.

I put the ending at the beginning to try to emphasise the ending. I don’t know if this worked. I wanted the viewer to ask the question why are the candles lit or unlit and I don’t think that got across. If I had had the candles unlit, there may have been a question asked but then the beginning couldn’t have been the ending.

Some of the clips of Adam are out of time. I spent so long editing it and different versions of it that when I published it I wasn’t in the mood for checking it all through. Adam wanted to be brought in towards the end, which is a good idea, but we spoke about it after I had filmed the clips. So he was cropped, rather than being shot deliberately like that. Ever since I have been able to think these things through beforehand.

I would love to hear any comments, good or constructive.