Walking a frail rope bridge in a caf’ down Kingston

Sounds risky right? I was complaining bitterly about everything being thrown in at once and pushing for a slow build up of tempo and drama. Apparently he agreed and the resulting version of his song is below:



What’s this about? Adam Wedd is a musician who wrote a song. As you do. I filmed him performing a simple acoustic version. He then added a choir, a cello, a double bass, a vocalist…. and the song became larger but at the same time losing some of its power. So we were sitting in a cafe and I said: strip it down. He listened in his half hearted, drinking coffee kind of way. I told him to build the song up, develop it within the three minutes and keep the original hard hitting sounds of the strings at the beginning. He finished his coffee and we headed off .

Then I see a link. It’s a new version of Frail Rope Bridge. Filmed live on Eagle FM with some intro about Mandela. The song starts. At first I though acoustic but no wait, I hear some light background singing, some cello. It builds up. The momentum increases. The song explodes. I sit there afterwards, in complete silence, stunned by what I’d just heard . He actually listens .


Because Life, you know?

I opened the curtains and was suddenly lying next to you again. It felt nice, like a warm, slow bath; i relaxed and lay back. you were sleeping and you looked so relaxed; It brought this deep calm, this spiritual stillness inside me. My ripples disappeared and I lay, still, for that moment.

It brought memories back to me, the morning we got up at 5, the time we made pancakes, the night you slept in my car. These memories were strong, so strong they hit me and knocked me backwards. I took every shot. The walks with my dog. Hit. When you met my grandparents. Glug. Helping me paint my room. Ouch. The memories hurt. They went down my throat like sawdust. They sloshed through my veins. They tried to mutiny my mind from my brain. I almost let go.

But now my memories are closing . They are fading. My eyes lose focus on the reflection in front of me and all i see is a dark, empty,cold road down below. NO, i whisper. The air from my mouth fades into nothingness and the heat of my body is wasted. I shrink down, back onto my bed. The curtains slowly draw shut.

What will we do with Pandora’s box?

Imagine a world where any one of us could bring together thousands of people and coordinate unanimous action between all of them at the same time to produce something extraordinary. That’s our world. We have the reasons, when something only makes sense if lots of people do it. We have the method, the internet. We have even done so.

38 degrees are changing democracy by bringing people who share their moral codes together which gives them power. Open sourcing can create better software than hiring some excellent programmers. Kickstarter can turn an idea into a fulfilled project.

When I think about what I do in terms of climate change, I think that it just doesn’t matter. I know that by contributing I play a part as much as everyone else but if I make the effort to avoid releasing Co2 it won’t matter. Why? So many people pollute, my contribution becomes insignificant. Yet surely there are lots of people concerned about not polluting? There probably are but each of them feels insignificant. If only these people could be brought together. If only they could choose a date and from that moment on thousands of people try their hardest to stop polluting. That would make a difference. That would work.

Do we have the reason? Yes. Do we have the method? Yes. Then we should create a forum for unanimous action on climate change.